Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install the Summit Outdoor billboard?

Most generally, installation only takes about 1 week.

Is this going to take a lot of my time and what will I be expected to do?

Good news. We take care of almost everything including the applications, permits and work involved with installing the structure. The entire process is turn key and we handle all aspects at the highest level of professionalism, so very little is expected of you.

Who is responsible for the taxes on the structure?

Summit Outdoor is responsible for any taxes levied against the structure.

Who pays for the electricity used by the billboard?

Summit Outdoor Advertising pays the electric company directly for all electricity costs associated with the structure, including getting the power to the site and all continuing usage monthly payments.

What about objectionable ads being on the billboard?

We are careful who we lease ad space to and don't advertise the promotion of tobacco, bars or any adult entertainment. We can also prohibit any competitive advertising to your business, if applicable. You not only have our verbal commitment, but we make the prohibited advertising a part of our contract agreement as well.

Who handles the maintenance of the billboard?

Our billboards require very little maintenance, but Summit Outdoor Advertising handles all future maintenance should any arise.

Who pays for insurance on the billboard?

Summit Outdoor carries all the necessary liability insurance that is needed for the new structure. All of our billboards are engineered to meet the highest standards for safety and performance and we will be happy to provide you a liability certificate for your records to demonstrate our commitment.

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