Land Owners

Frequently Asked Questions Do you want to make great money and guaranteed income with no effort or work?

Do you own property on a major highway or interstate that is heavily traveled?

If so, Summit Outdoor Advertising would like to talk with you about a profitable, enjoyable, win-win relationship that could provide you with significant income for years to follow.

Partnering with Summit Outdoor Advertising by allowing us to erect a billboard on your property does many things for you as the land owner. Some of those are:

There are two different ways we can structure the compensation to you.

1. Land Lease - Receive payments monthly, semi-annually, or annually, year after year for the term of the lease. Some land owners like the residual long term income and the peace of mind it offers.

2. Easement Purchase - Receive a one time, much larger lump sum payment when the billboard is first installed. Some land owners like getting it all up front to have a significant sum of money to make large purchases or invest for the future.

Please take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions section that will give you more specific information about a billboard on your property.
Frequently Asked Questions Getting Started

If you think you may desire all the benefits of having an income producing Summit Outdoor billboard on your property, take the next step and contact us.

We will promptly evaluate your property to see if it qualifies for an outdoor advertising structure. If it does, then we can get you the specifics you need and start the process moving forward.

To speak with a Summit Outdoor Advertising representative, please email us at or call (918) 381-SIGN (7446).

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